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Signs That There Is A Leak In Your Roof

A leaking roof is a sign of trouble because it allows various contaminants to enter your house. The water damage will also harm your property, and severe damage can cause the roof to fall apart. This is why you must catch roof leaks early.

The best part is that you can easily know about roof leaks through specific signs. Here are the top ones to help you get rid of the issue before severe damage.

1. Water Stain

This is the most prevalent sign of roof leaks. You can notice a water stain with a brown ring on the wall. However, remember this ring may not be present in every case.

Sometimes the stain may look like a puddle of water with no specific ring. So you will have to look closely to notice it. Other signs that help with identifying water stains include mold, moisture, and discoloration.

2. Missing Shingles

If your roof is made of composite or asphalt shingles, you may experience missing pieces during roof leaks. Some blocks may also be cracked. To observe this sign, you must check the roof from the outside of the house.

Missing shingles indicate that the roofing barrier is not complete. So water may enter your house through the seams. Cracking also results in the same issue. The best way to tackle the problem is by getting the material fixed.

3. Dripping

Dripping is another common sign of roof leaks. Sometimes, it may occur in your room if the damage is extensive. However, the best way to know it is by visiting your attic. This room is easily penetrable as it is most close to the exterior.

An ice dam may also form in winter because of the freezing weather. This can lead to intermittent leaks when the ice thaws. So you should check for dripping by observing through your eyes or hearing for the sound.

You may also check for the wet floor to identify dripping if you cannot notice water on the wall.

4. Mold

You must remember that mold does not grow on the exterior of a roof normally. Leaks are the common reason behind such growth. So you should always check the outdoor area for mold.

Typically, a mold spot may appear inside your house. You should measure how far it is from a door using tape. Similarly, you should check the exterior part of the roof for mold.

If the distance between the spot outside and inside is the same, their cause is also the same. A repair company will easily help you resolve the issue by tackling the sprouts.

Closing Thoughts

These are the top four signs that your roof is leaking. When the damage is severe, your wall may also show bubbles due to water accumulation. The best way to deal with roof leaks is by calling an expert.

NJ Roof Leaks is the top service provider in New Jersey and surrounding regions. So be sure to contact us to get your leaking roof fixed.